North Down Railway Walks (overview)

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Most keen walkers will have walked from Holywood to Bangor – 9 miles of traffic-free coastal bliss. Many will also have used the train to get back to their starting point.

The various excursions suggested here use permutations of Bangor line stations to deliver a full range of distances and opportunities for shorter and maybe slower walks to give sections of this coast the time and attention they deserve.  The link sections from the train stations to the coast add extra interest – glimpses of different housing styles and periods, tastes and aspirations.

The table below gives distances for 21 possible walks. The distances are from station to station. We have chosen a selection to describe individually and these can be accessed from the links below.

 From: Marino Cultra Seahill Helen’s Bay Carnalea Bangor
To Holywood1.
To Marino
To Cultra
To Seahill
To Helen’s Bay    2.34.4
To Carnalea     2.4

Print out the PDF map below to get an overview of the route and options:

Links to Selected Ways

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