Opinions not endorsements

You will find many opinions on this blog from everything about what constitutes a ‘grand day out’ to the advisability of carrying a simple compass (and knowing how to tell where North is with it)! Some of these opinions will relate to commercial enterprises – for example flagging the presence of a cafe, a public transport option or suggesting a source of suitable maps. These opinions are exactly that – personal views based on limited experience at a particular point in time and should be treated as such. They are not ‘personal endorsements’ and most certainly they are not ‘paid endorsements’ – this blog does and will not contain any form of  advertising or paid promotion.

Why include mentions of commercial offerings then? Simply because they enhance the way for the traveller and, the traveller, by using them, can give something back to the people who live and work in the places they visit. See the blog post “Do I Feel Welcome” for some more reflections on this issue.