Minnowburn and the Giant’s Ring Walks (overview)

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The green wedge of the Lagan Valley Regional Park divides the City of Belfast in the best possible way. It starts as a sliver beside the Lagan at Stranmillis and widens and twists its way out of the city.

These walks occupy the section of the park beyond the ringroad – where the concrete flyover gives way to the solid stone arches of the, now pedestrian, Shaw’s Bridge. Between here and the mysterious massive hilltop earthworks of the Giant’s Ring lie a wonderful mixture of riverside beech wood; former domains of Belfast’s rich set; and walker accessible farmland (a rare treat indeed). And throughout it all an excellent network of paths and bridges courtesy of the City Council and the National Trust.

This map a should give you a good overview of walking options in this area:

Detailed Walk Descriptions

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