Covid-19 – Stay Local – Be MORE Careful

Updated 1st January 2021

A new Year, a new vaccine hope, but also a new threat to us all as the virus changes to be more infectious. We don’t yet know which means of transmissions have been enhanced and whether walking outdoors (with 2m social distancing) remains relatively safe.

We are still encouraged to go outside for daily exercise and are also allowed to drive short distances to facilitate this.  It is undisputed that outdoor exercise in nature plays a major role in maintaining physical and mental health and boosting our immune systems.

Complacency and stupidity, now more than ever, are threats to us all. In almost all available outdoor spaces, coasts, woods and parks, groups of people now walk in bunches, blocking paths ignoring social distances and subjecting themselves and everyone they meet to unnecessary extra risks. If you find your walk becoming congested please turn back. Completing a planned route is unimportant – maximising our collective health is essential! 

Some of the walks described in “Grand Day Out”  may be appropriate for you as daily local exercise. Please use the maps and modify the routes to avoid hot-spots or places where the paths are too narrow. Turn back if unsure, practice social distancing and step off paths if they are narrow when passing others.

Do not over-stretch yourself physically or explore beyond your comfort zone.

Stay local, be MORE careful.

Charlie Reid