Here you will find a wide variety of posts providing background information to assist the walker / wayfarer. Topics include equipment, nature notes, navigation, weather and diverse curiosities.

The Bleach Green Railway Viaducts and the “Loop”

(or it’s hard to get people out of Belfast)

Belfast Hills horseshoe from Redburn Country Park

Belfast is a city built at the end of a coastal inlet and surrounded by hills. Like many coastal cities, shipbuilding and sea travel feature large in its history and sense of identity. However, the surrounding hills, which played a key role in shaping its development, are strangely neglected.

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Wood Anemones

In spring our deciduous woodlands throng with wildflowers before the trees get all their leaves and shade out the light. One of the earliest to take advantage of the spring light and warming weather, covering the forest floor with white stars from March to May, are the wood anemones.

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I think bluebells are one of the most romantic flowers – just imagine a springtime walk through beech woods just beginning to get the first flush of bright lime green foliage and beneath them a knee-high carpet of cerulean blue. The nodding heads just dance in the sunshine and the perfume is divine. Continue reading