Weather Forecasts

The best source for weather prediction:
The MET Office General Forecasts

The wet stuff (or not) happening now:
Met √Čireann Rainfall Radar

Understand what’s happening – see what’s coming:
UK Pressure Maps


5 days of UK Port Tide Predictions nicely presented:
“Notes” blog post on Tides


Information including an interactive NI Map showing Ancient semi-natural woodland (ASNW) and Planted ancient woodland sites (PAWS)
Northern Ireland Ancient Woodland Inventory


The authoritative large scale paper mapping – best for walking (doesn’t cover all NI):
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (1:25,00 Activity maps)

The authoritative paper mapping for all NI – good overview, but limited use for short walks:
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (1:50,00 Discoverer series )

OpenStreetMap – the “WikiPedia” for citizen sourced mapping (as used for maps on this blog):

Rights of Way in Northern Ireland

Rights of Way in Northern Ireland do exist although they are few and far between in comparison to, for example, England. Councils have a duty to record, protect, signpost and assist in maintaining them. See NI Direct Public rights of way for more details.