Grand Day Out is live

We have finally got our blog up to the point where we feel it might be of interest to aspiring explorers and have therefore made it live.

It is still very much a work in progress and there is much learning required in how routes are mapped, described and embellished with comment!

It is maintained on a best effort basis (see disclaimer) and the inclusion of a path or track is definitely not evidence of a public right of way. Indeed, in Northern Ireland actual ‘right of way’ paths outside public forests and parks are rare. Many ways are likely to be permissive paths where access is conditional on the owner’s consent. Please respect the rights and livelihoods of landowners and local residents and do nothing to jeopardise future access.

Feedback is welcome (via the contacts page), but most of all we would encourage you to travel some of these ways, whether they are new to you or you are revisiting old paths, perhaps with some new perspectives.

Enjoy the ways

Charlie and Rachel Reid